Follow-ups in case you care

1.) I am almost not sick anymore! I bet if I sleep another sixteen hours tonight I will have this thing licked. I haven’t been outside for four days, save for three hours on Saturday when we went to see There Will Be Blood, an experience which did indeed drink my milkshake so much I had to go home and sleep for most of Sunday. And today, too, thanks to the dead Presidents.

2.) If you hadn’t gotten enough audio interview of me last week, you can also hear me on the KCRW show Good Food with Evan Kleiman this week. The original episode aired on Saturday but you can listen to it online or in podcast form. The interview is about Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan and you can hear me do my very best NPR voice.

3.) The little bitty grocery store I lamented in this entry has returned! Reopened! Reportedly a little spookier than before, but whatever! The Bounty bars have yet to come back though, and while I am grateful to the several of you who offered to send some, I think we’re going to wait until we’re just a little more desperate.

4.) I forgot what 4 was going to be, so it must be bedtime.


  1. Jena says

    We care, it’s just that the rest of us are still sick. And someone elses recovery annoys us right now.

  2. Kelly says

    You can get Bounty bars year-round at Devon Market, at Greenview & Devon. And lots of other neat Eastern European candy and snacks.

  3. Wendy says

    Kelly, are they the dark chocolate kind? With the red wrapper? Because the milk chocolate (blue wrapper) bars are easy to find, but the dark chocolate ones are super scarce.

  4. Kelly says

    Dang, I think they’re the blue ones. I would still recommend a trip there, though! It’s my favorite neighborhood grocery store.

    Oh, and there’s La Unica across the street….

  5. amish says

    Speaking of milkshakes, turns out that to re-create the look of oil in the film “There Will be Blood”, the production people used the same ingrediant used by McDonald’s to thicken their milkshakes. YUMMY!

    (Think the screenwriter had an inside joke going on that one?)