Heads up!

I’m doing a much-needed upgrade of WordPress and redesigning a little this weekend. Things might get uglier before they get prettier.

(Update): they’re almost pretty now.  A few things still need work and I’m still rearranging widgets.

Merry Merry

Our tree

Ah ha! I have a few spare moments somehow! I’m sure everyone is off a-wassailing by now, but in case any of you are still around, I’ve stuffed this here blog stocking with some of my favorite Christmas stuff:

Anyway, enjoy. Feliz Navidad, chickens!

Xmas marks the spot

Lighty lights

This entry is a placeholder for the much better holiday entry that I may (or may not) get to write this evening or tomorrow or whenever I do (or do not) get a chance to write something before Christmas, on account of the fact that my dad and brother are visiting us, and then Chris and I are driving to Michigan for the holiday proper, and so I’ve been shopping and cleaning and decorating and cooking (for instance, I’m just about to make a pie) and wrapping (for instance, hey, did you know that it’s really hard to gift wrap a present with raffia without it turning out looking like something the Blair Witch made? well it is), and then also there’s been work and life and I had to hook up this new computer I got (should I install Leopard yet? Will Leopard maul me?) and anyway my December has been like one big cornflake-marshmallow cluster cookie wreath of delight, sweet but also sticky and demented, and I sure hope I can get back on here between now and the Big X Day and drink a smart eggnog with all of you wonderful people and discuss about how the Eurythmics cover of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” bothers me and makes me oddly embarassed for the Eurythmics, and also wish you all a very Merry Christmas, but in case I don’t I’ll say it right now MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Okay, now for the pie.

Recent impediments

to updating this site: 1.) NaNoWriMo. 2.) Thanksgiving travel. 3.) Sickness, in the form of a lame little cold which nonetheless turned me into a gloomy snuffling rheumy-eye’d Dickens character for days and days. But now the dense cloud of ennui and Kleenex is dispersing and letting some of the twinkly holiday stuff sparkle through, and I think I might even be myself again one day soon.

I did not win NaNoWriMo. I did not get to 50,000 words, as I pretty much expected I wouldn’t. I guess I could have done it if I’d followed the some of the proverbial NaNoWriMo advice, i.e., cancel all your social obligations; order nothing but carryout; shut yourself up in your room with your hands taped to the keyboard and a beer hat filled with Red Bull, and so on. But for me, the point was more that I wanted to see how many words I could write every night while still being sort of a normal person who cooks dinner and watches those old Twin Peaks* episodes with her boyfriend (who had never seen the good episodes). And I wrote more words under those circumstances than I thought possible. All the counting counting counting made me twitchy, though, since I was working with several different files at once, instead of a long rambling Word document that starts with It-was-a-dark-and-stormy-bibbety-blah, and at some point I needed a calculator, and then I felt like I was auditing my own soul, but in the end it was nice to have some measure of progress. And then I ate some turkey.

*Comments we made over the course of viewing both seasons throughout November include, “That’s not the last you’ll see of creamed corn.” “It’s not very hard to kill a Renault brother, is it?” and “Oh, for fuck’s sake, Leland!”

Anyway, it’s close to midnight, and I seem to be needing a lot more sleep than usual, what with the cold and snow and shopping and minor ailment and my newfound taste for hot toddies, so I hope you’ll understand my cutting this short. I’ll be back in a few days to blather about Christmas music or something.