The Princess and the Peanut Allergy

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Illustrated by Tammie Lyon 
Picture book: Ages 5-8

Regina and her mom are busy preparing for her birthday party. It’s going to be a princess party with the perfect cake that looks like a castle and has ice cream cone towers. Regina is inviting all the girls in her class. Her best friend, Paula, is excited, too—until she finds out about the cake. Oh, no! She can’t go anywhere near that cake, because she has a peanut allergy! What will Paula and Regina do?

Reviews and praise:

“The message that friendship is more important than peanuts comes through loud and clear.” The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“The story helps illustrate to youngsters the seriousness of food allergies and promotes understanding of those that are different.” —Children’s Literature

“The fairy-tale analogy translates the complexity of food allergies into a child’s language and viewpoint. Sharing this book with a friend or a classroom could create a bridge of understanding about the extent of precautions that children with peanut allergies need to take.” —Jeannette Bradley,