Contact Information


For WandervilleLindsay Boggs, Penguin Young Readers Group.

For The Wilder Life: Heather Connor, Riverhead Trade Paperbacks.

School visits and other speaking engagements:

For school visits: Author Request Form at Penguin Young Readers.

For large-scale events with adult audiences, contact the Penguin Speaker’s Bureau.

(None of the above? Email Wendy directly.)

Email Wendy:

mcclure.wendy (at)


Wendy reads all her email but sometimes gets backlogged in responding. If you’re writing Wendy about the book, The Wilder Life, a good way to reach her is through the book’s Facebook Page, where you can post on the wall or send her a private message.  Thanks for your patience.

Please do not send children’s book submissions, queries, or requests for publishing advice through this website.  The company Wendy works for is open to unsolicited and unagented manuscripts, and their submission guidelines are available if you have questions.  (Any attempts to “pitch an idea” to Wendy or get her attention here will only freak her out.)

Wendy also can’t give advice and/or feedback on other manuscripts or book ideas. Really, she’s no fun at all.