Book2On Track for Treasure
(Wanderville Book 2)

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Middle Grade: Ages 8-12

The citizens of Wanderville think that they’ve finally left the orphan trains of their past behind. For Jack, Frances, Harold, Alexander, and the other kids they’ve rescued, the hamlet they’ve created for themselves in the wilderness is a place where no one can harm them.

That is, until the sheriff finds out where they are. Then the children have no choice but to flee, riding the rails like hoboes.

After a close call, they’re rescued by a couple who bring them to their farm. Though the orphans have to work hard, Reverend Carey and his wife seem kind enough, and they say they’ll adopt the children—if they follow their rules. But Frances can’t stop thinking about a mysterious treasure that a hobo told her about on her travels. Then, when a young African-American sharecropper is blamed for stealing a fiddle her brother Harold actually nabbed, the citizens of Wanderville will have to decide whether their community is heading in the right direction or whether they need to get their “town” back on track.

Reviews and Praise:

This historical fiction series is full of excitement and suspense. Readers will root for the brave residents of Wanderville.” —School Library Journal