Although I strongly feel the word "random" is extremely overused in most weblog contexts, I am forced to admit that it's the best word to describe this here entry

I’ve felt too scatterbrained to update lately, but I don’t want to just leave that last entry up and continue giving you all the impression that I’m dwelling in some kind of hormonal never-never-land. I am now fully in the present, both with my Estrostep and, well, this site. And I am drinking Three Buck Chuck to wind down after a busy weekend of cooking, cleaning, and also, dodging huge wet blobs of snow. No, really: on Friday night a whole bunch of lovely wet snow descended and stuck to trees, lightposts, overpasses, etc., only to start falling spectacularly in big clumps on streets, cars, children, etc., as soon as the temperature rose Saturday morning. Chris and I ran errands on Saturday and got to see the transition from “Winter Wonderland” to “Slush Apocalypse” firsthand, as massive snow loogies fell all around us and other hapless pedestrians. We thought we’d be safe in the car until we reached a stop sign and dislodged a massive glacier on the roof of my car, which coursed down my windshield in much the way I imagine the melting polar ice caps are going to smear all over Canada and Siberia one day.

Someone emailed me to say they’re doing a research paper on blogs and they “need some research.” And my business address. And… that’s all they said. Could you, er, be a little more specific, Researcher Person? Or maybe you are studying my response to your very vague research request, the sending of which is part of the research process in itself? I don’t mind answering a few questions (well, maybe three), as long as one of them isn’t “What is blogging?” because, dude, we answered that already.

Also, in the past twelve hours or so I have been heralded, via email, as Starbucks Customer #469744876, Target Customer #787288174FGY, Walmart Valued Customer #70718516, Ebay Customer-836A1-836, and JCPenney Customer #975R-VBEC40. It’s true that at one time or another I have either set foot in or clicked upon all these establishments, but if I were to believe that each one dutifullly assigned me a number based on a few instances of buying coffee or Diet Coke or whatever the hell, then by extension I would also have to believe that I am walking around with a subcutaneous microchip somewhere on my person, or else a fiber optic transmitter bio-implant, or even one of those good old-fashioned Mark of The Beast UPC codes. And I’d be able to go up to ATMs and just blink at them to get money. So why would I need your silly gift cards, Starbucks and Target and Walmart?

(When I start thinking like this, it’s time for bed.)

Kontraceptive Question Korner!*

For the past week I have been taking my birth control pills one day ahead of schedule. What can I say? I live for the future. I took my Monday pill on Sunday and I took Tuesday’s pill today. I’m trying to figure out how this happened. Possible explanations: a.) took two pills in one day by mistake; b.) traversed a wormhole and then space curved back over on itself; c.) briefly lapsed into an undiagnosed multiple personality, also on the Pill; d.) neglected to calculate variations between menstrual cycle and Gregorian calendar and forgot to take the special Leap Pill that I need to take once every four years, or months, or… something.

But really I think I just took two pills in one day by mistake, most likely sometime over the holidays when I had a lot of days off and the weekends were long. I do remember one day around 10 am where I glanced at my pill card and thought, oh my stars! A pill untook! and popped it, because Heaven knows, I need to keep my skin clear. I’ve checked online and asked around enough to know there isn’t any immediate problem, but now I’m wondering what the hell to do when I get to the end of the pack. Do I just skip a day when I get to the Mystery Pills in the final week? Will my Start Day be henceforth one day ahead? Can I fix all this if I fly west to Japan? Any ideas? Anyone?

And lest you worry that I’m letting a bunch of online strangers tinker with my pharmaceutically-regulated woman-rhythms, I am waiting to hear back from my doctor about this. Just thought I’d share in the meantime.

*Kutesy title spelling intended to evade Google searches by kurious folks, konfused teens, or extremist kooks.

28 Lines About 12-and-a-Quarter Months

January I went boot camp crazy:
did way too many lunges, squats.
Thanks to this stupid page in Feb.
you could calculate our mutual hots!
In March I blathered on and on
about horoscopes, Kirstie, and chick lit.
April was big: my book came out.
I met my boyfriend. Holy shit!
All book tour hell broke loose in May:
Seattle! Portland! New York! Boston!
LA in June! And San Francisco!
And the sexiest state of all: Wisconsin.
Hit Durham in July and redesigned;
ranted about those ads for Dove.
In August: half-assed weight loss plans!
Mystery beeps! Hot penguin love!
September I wrote… um, almost nothing.
What else did I do besides get fat?
October: Halloween, obviously;
I wore the most fucked-up ever hat.
I couldn’t shut up in November–
Fat suits! Plan B! Bras with phones!
December: obsessed with gingerbread;
earrings in 99 Luftballons.
It’s January 06! I’ve yet to quit
drinking Jewel brand spiked eggnog.
But my resolutions are already done!
Well, just the one: “Update damn blog.”