New entry up in the journal! Also older entries that I’d posted to my notify list only. Just navigate back from the current entries and you’ll find a couple of things from mid-April.

Sorry this is all so rushed but I’m leaving for the airport in 15 minutes. I’m going to Texas! Man, do I need a vacation.


You know, I don’t quite remember what I was thinking when I decided not to disclose my last name on the site. But let me tell you that it’s very strange to be referred to in Variety as “a woman named Wendy.” Heh.

In case you care, I’m Wendy McClure.


Aieee!!!! Pound is mentioned in the lastest issue of Bitch magazine. Ever since they started running the Bitch List feature it’s been a secret aspiration of mine to be on it.

I linked to their web site but the list is in the print magazine, which can be found at lots of independent bookstores and some of the better chain stores. There’s been so much attention given to the you-know-whats lately that it’s nice to get a little recognition for what I originally set out to do with this site.


My best friend Michael has written an essay that appears in Salon today. Please go read it. I’m not sure how to describe it or what to say except that I remember the events he’s recounting all too well and it’s a strange feeling to be able to read about it. It’s a powerful piece and I’m glad he wrote it.


Um. Rob just emailed me and said the recipe card section has gotten 1.4 million hits since Monday.