Holly Jolly


If I weren’t travelling for the holidays this year I might have had time for another gingerbread project. In keeping with the neighborhood theme, I was really hoping to make Governor Blagojevich’s house, complete with a little gingerbread media circus lovingly made with gumdrop cameras, licorice cables, graham cracker TV vans, etc. But since I’m leaving for Michigan tomorrow morning and had to spend the past week in a shopping/working/gift-wrapping/working/driving through stupidly deep snow/working frenzy, I guess I have to give up on my little dream of making corrupt little cookie Blagojeviches (using half a jar of chocolate jimmies just on the hair) and just wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

And stay warm. This afternoon we went out to see friends (yes, INSTEAD of making gingerbread spectacles, sorry) and the temperature was a degree. One degree, not plural!  Though of course the windchill was negative plural multiple minus ABC-blackout googleplex degrees, so cold that the world ceases to make sense, and you travel backwards through time, and your fingers and toes hurt like hell because invisible dinosaurs are stomping on them, but it’s good that they hurt, right? It means something. Don’t ask me to explain because it’s cold. Too cold for sciencey thinking! So bundle up.

And, hey! If you’re anywhere near NYC in a couple of weeks, come see me and Attenberg read at Good World Bar on January 11th.

More in the new year, when I’ll get to tell you what else I’ve been up to these days. Happy everything!