Oh, I guess it doesn’t have quite the same impact when you read the posts in reverse chronological order.


So I thought I’d try a weblog. My entries at Pound take a lot longer to write than they used to when I started this site. Two years ago, the things I posted were a lot shorter and more immediate (and definitely not the best writing either, which is why I won’t link to any early entry directly, but you can go to the archives, if you must), and now that I look back they read a lot like weblog entries. Even if I had known about Blogger I probably wouldn’t have used it; all I knew is that you could use Netscape Communicator to make webpages and you could do fancy things like change the background color! and I wanted to play with that. I’m still glad I learned the stupid way and learned to think of the stuff I put up on the web as stand-alone pieces–pages, entries, essays–rather than just posts. But I also like this. There’s this button that says “Post & Publish” up in the corner and I want to click click click it! It takes me so long to finish a regular journal entry (like my last one) sometimes that it’s kind of cool being able to just finish something on impul


I am going to try and post an image. Just to see how it looks. Here is Kogepan! He is a blob of burnt bread. I love him.