Damn knees

I think all this aerobics crap has been straining my knees and I’ll have to start doing other things instead of hopping around. I’ll swim, I guess, as soon as I can stand the thought of walking around smelling like Chlorox; I’ll get a bike and ride and chap my butt for a while when spring comes, and I suppose I’ll do the elliptical cross-trainer machine some more.

Of all of these options, I like the elliptical cross-trainer the best. I like how it has the word elliptical in it: I like the idea that I am exercising my sense of obscurity. The treadmill, I think, is all about plain old existential banality; the NordicTrack just takes things way too literally, and as for the StairMaster–well, you can tell the StairMaster reads The Fountainhead and that kind of crap. I’m not sure about the dogma of exercycles. I’ll have to think about that.
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