Taste sensations

Okay, someone needs to explain these Brazilian yogurt ads that I’ve been hearing so much about. Apparently they’re really controversial or something! The text for all three of these says, Forget it. Men’s tastes will never change. And here are the images:


Well, yeah: men like naked women, right? Uh, no argument there.


And you know, I’m pretty sure men also like it when women cross their legs and flash their special areas and stuff. The men, they have a taste for that, yes. Oh yeah, and big boobs.


I know it’s a little obscure, but I think that what’s going here is
“upskirt action” and I believe I heard somewhere that men like it, right?

So, hmm, I don’t get what these women are doing these pictures that isn’t “to men’s tastes,” because they’re doing a swell job making sexy eye contact and almost showing their vaginas! Gosh, what are they doing wrong?

Oh, okay. I just read the memo. And, ahah, they’re being big fat fatties, that’s what’s wrong! Big fat chubby chubsters who eat full-fat yogurt and then cavort around in beds of rose petals being way hotter than they’re supposed to be! Oh noes! What are we going to do now? These ads are all over the internet and countless guys are getting wrongfully turned on—poor, deluded men who don’t know any better because their dicks can’t read Portuguese. OOPS!

Oh, well. Sorry about the misunderstanding, Mr. Brazilian Low-Fat Yogurt Company, but you know, these things happen sometimes.


  1. Ellen says

    I would like to know who got fat from eating full-fat yogurt. You would have to eat GALLONS, am I right? I certainly would not blame yogurt for the size of my own ass.

  2. Michaela says

    I love that they couldn’t even handle their own ugly-people-are-funny premise and went out and go the hottest plus-sized models they could find.

  3. Ann says

    Alas, it seems the tastes of Brazilian men HAVE changed. I always thought they went for hot buxom women, and Brazlian women wanted to BE hot buxom women. Guess I was wrong.

    I’m also saddened to see the low-fat b.s. spreading to places like Brazil. It always has been, and always will be, full fat yogurt for me.

  4. julie says

    what kind of man would be turned on by that? you know that’s the point of the ad, so stop acting outraged. those girls are disgusting, look at the belly rolls and the saging arms.
    maybe of you were more in touch with reality you wouldn’t be so fat.

  5. Wendy says

    Julie, I know you need an outlet for your chickenshit rage, but you might want to find someplace where the discussion is more active.
    Then again, if you can’t even find the “shift” key, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

  6. Danielle says

    I think people like Julie are the ones that make it so being “fat” is so offensive. There is nothing wrong with being overweight as long as you dress right and take care of your looks the best way you can. And not everybody can lose the weight anyways. There are a lot of disorders, disabling people to lose weight, just like there are disorders, disabling people to gain weight. Julie, you need to grow up and not be jealous of the fact that men ARE, and always HAVE BEEN, and always WILL BE attracted to overweight women.