Rain, rain

I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. I know it’s going to rain tonight, because the wind is blowing and the trees are thrashing around and the neighbors’ back porch windchimes are more urgently creepy, but I hope it’s over by morning. Chris says that he heard on the forecast there’d be morning showers but I keep checking my little weather widgets from two different sources and right now both of them still show little suns in the Friday box. Okay, so one little sun has wispy clouds around it, but hey, I’ll take wisps; wisps don’t get me wet. I can ride my bike through those. I want to ride my bike to work again.

I want to ride my bike because last week in New York I ate all of 23rd Street between Seventh and Eighth. I ate stuff from seven different places on that street, not even counting the deli where I got an apple and a Diet Coke or the muffins they had in the morning at the hotel. I ate some tacos and some paella and a cupcake and some tater tots and a falafel sandwich and a barbeque sandwich and THIS THING, which is so astounding I can’t believe it even existed in the world before I ate it. And now I’m back and I want to ride my bike. I also want to ride my bike because gas costs $3.59 a gallon here, which makes riding my bike seem very clever indeed. I already took the five dollars I was planning not to spend on gas tomorrow and I put it towards a fabulously expensive Whole Foods salad bar salad, one topped with grilled veggies and tempeh chunks and caviar and shiny nickels and gift cards. And it’s waiting in the work fridge and all I have to do is point my bike in the general direction of that fridge and ride. As long as it’s not raining then.

Update: No rain. I made it here to work. HOORAY.


  1. says

    YAY! Go you!!

    Biking is the best. :) Are you going to do “Bike The Drive” on Sunday?

    It’s an absolute blast, and you’ll love it! Totally worth getting up at the crack of dawn for.

  2. Wendy says

    We were thinking about it, but I’ve got a good friend coming in from out of town Saturday evening, so this is not a good weekend for getting up at dawn and schlepping our bikes downtown!

  3. says

    Gook luck with the rain & your bike ride. Baked ziti pizza is a staple here in ny/nj, i didn’t realize it was regional.

  4. Sara says

    Is THIS THING from Two Boots? Cause it looks as if it just might be…
    I agree with Jodi – Bike the Drive is great – and it’s not supposed to be about 90 degrees like it was last year. Tooling down LSD on pedal power (with a lot of other people huffing and puffing beside you) feels a little subersive. Subversive and fun and surprisingly quiet. You don’t have to do the entire thing, either…you could always do a little piece. A little hungover piece.
    Good for you with the biking, by the way.

  5. says

    Is that actually pizza with macaroni on it?

    I could get behind that, at least in a certain mood.

  6. Chris says

    I was wondering why my flickr stats showed 350 people looking at my pizza slice photo!

  7. says

    Oh, how I would love to get rain here in India! Rain would mean cooler weather, which as I write is 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) and destined to get hotter as summer advances. You cannot go outside in the afternoon–let alone bike. I don’t know how the bicycle rickshaw drivers do it every day.

  8. says

    You’ve inspired me to bike to work here in Montreal! It’s only like, 4 miles each way but whatever. I’m still a star.