Friday morning bike to work: an inventory

Total distance, one way: 11.3 miles.

Distance traveled while using the wrong gear: approximately six miles.

Animal sightings: One deer; one chipmunk; countless squirrels; six dogs. Including one with a cone around its head.

Number of times I probably could have made it across the big scary street with many swift and vroomy cars zorching by, but totally chickened out instead: 4.

How difficult pedalling up the Oakton Bridge was this time, on a scale of one to ten: 6.

How much I’d like to sleep right now, on a scale of one to ten: Uh huh.

How much I deserve some coffee cake right now, on a scale of one to MRMFF NUM NUM NUM: Six point MRMFFF.

How much coffee three yeah what ha!111!11@ ok thankyou happy fridady


  1. LizPres says

    YEAH!!! Awesome. The joy of getting to eat anything you want (on that thing you are doing) without guilt! It’s a great way to get to work — congratulations.

  2. solaana says

    It is really windy today, so you are my hero. If I hadn’t been locked out of my house, and my car hadn’t been broken into, I might have been in the mood to bike to work, but NO. I drove in and I’ll be eating my emotions all day today and probably into tonight what with Looptopia going on.

  3. says

    I’m waiting for business casual clothes that will wick the sweat off our bodies and then we can simply hose ourselves off and walk into work looking freshly showered.

  4. says

    Yeah, what they said. Actually, I have been biking to work too, from Uptown to Downtown, for fitness and ecology.

    It was definitely windy yesterday, as it was last Friday as well. Fridays must be the day the weekend weather blows in. I rode home along the lake front, and I swear it was tough to pass a jogger sometimes.

    Keep it up!

  5. Kristy says

    I am simply AMAZED by you…and inspired by your exercise and cooking projects!

    Okay, so how do I bike to work in West Texas without smelling…how do I put this…um, “unprofessional”?

    Seriously! How can I take a shower, wash my hair, gel & mousse & curl it, put on a cute outfit…and then not smell worse than a cab floor when I get to school? Does anyone have any tricks they can share? (Are y’all packing your work clothes? Taking them up there to hang in an office closet beforehand?)

    And any tips for freshening up in the nasty, graffiti-covered sixth grade girls’ bathroom once I get there?

  6. Kary says

    I stumbled across this site by way of the WW cards. You are an inspiration! I am so scared to cross the roads or ride on the roads that it is keeping me from biking my 2.5 miles to work, that’s right, 2.5! And only one mile of that is not a bike trail. You are so awesome even if you only do it once a year!

    In Minneapolis we have this great website for bike help if anyone is interested:

  7. Usually Lurks says

    Congrats – it’s so awesome when you can combine workout and transportation into one fun activity! I’m jealous – it’s so un-fun living in suburban bikes-are-evil commuter hell.

    Back when I did bike to work (in D.C. summers, no less), I found it handy to keep work clothes in a file cabinet drawer, along with baby wipes and some talcum powder. The wipes I used for a little mini-shower in a bathroom stall before changing, and a quick comb-through of the powder kept hair-smell down. It’ll be a great day when offices have shower/locker rooms so you can get cleaned up at work after a bike commute or workout.

  8. Marci says

    An animal with a cone on it’s head can be called “Funnelhead.”


    Because it’s funny!