Three things for President's Day

1.) YES THERE IS MORE SOUP. You can see the soup here. We made three kinds this weekend, including a recipe which uses two pounds of greens. And while it tastes very nice, maybe you don’t need to see a picture of this soup, because it’s really, really green. And not a jolly green, either; no, this is Heart of Darkness Soup. And we’re going to eat it.

2.) I think I’ve legitimately lost the twenty pounds now. The time I weighed myself after I was sick doesn’t count, since I was just all dried out and as soon as I drank anything I got all big again like a Gro-Beast in water. But now the magic number is back, and it’s shown up on the scale for the past two mornings, so I believe this means, scientifically speaking, that I’ve been able to replicate the results of my very important research study called Let Me Stand on This Thing and See If I’m Still Fat. (Of course I am still fat. But these latest findings are promising.)

3.) Of course we’re all horrified that Britney shaved her head. Why can’t she just develop herself a cute little eating disorder like the other girls? Everyone knows that’s the only respectable way to freak the fuck out. It’s getting really hard to watch and I really hope someone will just step forward and shoot her with a tranquilizer dart and carry her off to someplace quiet.


  1. says


    Speaking of greens, I thought I’d offer a contribution to The Thing You’re Doing. Have you tried green smoothies yet? When I went vegan last summer I lived on them! They sound gross but are quite sweet and yummy. Here’s the recipe:

    2 Cups Water
    1 Banana
    1 Apple
    4 Leaves Kale
    1/2 cup Frozen Berries
    4 Prunes

    Blend all above in a good blender or food processer. I usually start with the water and kale and then cut everything else up and chuck it in a little at a time. Makes about four servings. Delish.


  2. KW says

    Now that Anna Nicole is gone, the world needs another train wreck to watch. Britney is just doing us the favor of stepping up to the plate.

  3. victoria says

    I’m totally thrilled about the link to the fat free vegan site. I checked it out and it’s very exciting. The soup looks delicious. Thank you for posting about this and congrats on the 20 lbs — that is awesome!

  4. Ale says

    I have been reading you since I was in college (It’s been a few years now) Love your website, it always brings some laughter to my day! Would you share the Tex-Mex tomato soup recipe? It looks delicious.

  5. Wendy says

    Mysty–We’ve had “blended salads” with romaine and spinach before (and a banana, which winds up being the main flavor), but I’ve never seen one that uses kale. I should try that…

    Ale–I’ll post the Tex-Mex soup when I get a change to look in that copy of BUST again (It’s Chef Rossi’s recipe, in the latest issue with Gwen Stefani on the cover.) It’s pretty simple if I recall.

  6. says

    I thought that link said “Gro-Breast,” and I was all excited about clicking the link and buying a pair, which would have been followed by, I suppose, always carrying two big glasses of water around with me to keep them at the big size.

    But no. Those won’t do.

  7. Louise says

    The soup gala lives on! I just heard a radio spot for “The Joy of Soup,” a week-long spotlight on soup done by our local foodie-focused grocery store. The tag line is “Lovin’ Every Spoonful.” Yes, really it is. The market resarch folks at Central Market are doing this promo to “beat away the chills of winter” or some such nonsense. It’s a Texas company. We’re in Texas. It was 80 today.

  8. SFCat says

    madame – that thing you do…is now the thing i do. i finished the book this weekend. monday, the first day, i dreamt of cupcakes. it has gotten better; maybe some day i will dream of spinach in the same way.

    you are doing a great job – keep it up!