What hath I wrought?

So I have this book coming out today, which is bad enough. But have you seen the Flickr photo pool? No, really: HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SHIT? Someone made the Green Bean and Mushroom Salad. There are two Molded Asparagus Salads. There are one two three four renditions of the Crown Roast of Frankfurter. There are Fish Balls and Slender Quenchers and Jellied Tomato Refreshers and OH MY GOD THE CHICKEN HAS A TIARA. And someone made the Mackerel Pudding and tried it and everything.

I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again.


  1. karen says

    I never knew mackerel scent stayed in your nose hairs for so long…I had to immediately wash EVERYTHING i wore while participating in the “Make the mackerel”. I felt like I was concealing a crime.

  2. says

    Cleaned out my local independent bookstore, who had two copies of the book today. One for me, one for my Weight Watchers leader. She’s gonna die when she reads those on Saturday.

    I think my new favorite is the “Perfect Pizza Lunch.” Hahahah.

  3. says

    These are f-ing brilliant. My cousin, Ann, and I have a running joke every Christmas to see who can make the most vile Jello-o mold concoction. I won last year when I included walnuts, small allen wrenches, cranberries, and miniature golf scoring pencils. These photos take the cake. I love the Jesus-themed accountrements that surround some of the dishes. Well done, everyone. Well done. And, a big hurrah to Wendy for kickstarting this culinary extravaganza!

  4. says

    The weird thing is, Karen and I had a really hard time finding canned mackerel and pimentos at the store. The shelves were empty. Beware: there may be more Make the Mackerel dishes in progress here on the northside of Chicago.

  5. Kristin says

    As you probably already know, your book made the cover of the Living Section of the Oregonian here in Portland! I enjoyed the frankfurter casserole photo–which I’d never had the “pleasure” before. I think I am getting your book for Mother’s Day, at least if the hints have worked.

  6. Julesey says

    Bwahahahahahahaha!! The chicken!! Oh, dear god…the chicken…a tiny copy of the New Testament…and a disco ball…can’t breathe…laughing…too…hard…make it stop, mommy…

  7. Kellie says

    Hi Wendy,

    I went to my cool, locally-owned bookstore today to get your book, and was SCARED to find it in the “Cookbook” section!!

    That is at least as scary as anything in the book.

  8. says

    You guys are just …. brave. I think the smell of mackerel in a can would be enough to make me run far, and run fast!

  9. says

    Oh. Wow. This is incredible. I cannnot believe the kind of stuff that went on back then.

  10. Beth says

    Your book made te Daily Candy National Weekend Guide! Good for you! Hopefully it will cause sales among rich, yuppy trend setters to soar. ;)

  11. Kristy says

    Oh man – that chicken is priceless. The combo of the pearls, the boa, the disco ball and the new testament just couldn’t be more perfect. Kudos to the creator of the royal chicken.

    I wonder what recipes from our time will make it to AMPP (abbreviations are fun!) books 30 years from now. Granted, many of the weight watchers recipes of today are pretty good . Although, this morning I had some of that flakes and fiber crap they’re tying to sell as cereal and thought very much that someone must’ve replaced my bowl of tasty and healthy ww cereal with scraps of cardstock.

  12. Liz says

    You timed the release of this book to coincide with Mother’s Day on purpose, didn’t you? Genius!!! My mom will be so happy to get hers.