Mayflies when you're having fun

Tomorrow night I’m going to be giving a talk for Chicago Women in Publishing, who helped me get my first job in Chicago a really long time ago. (They’d held one of their networking parties and instead of networking like a proper person, I accosted some lady in the elevator, which sort of horrifies me now, but it’s all good, you know?) So you should come. Also, Chicago Women in Publishing is not exclusively for women or publishing, though, obviously, it helps to be in a similar neighborhood, so to speak. Like you have to at least be wordy and in touch with your feminine side. Oh no, I’m making this sound very emo, which is not what I meant to do at all.

I have many more things to report, such as my trip to New York, which included an all-too-brief meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Comics Curmudgeon; my impending (short-distance) move; my ongoing obsession with VC Andrews (I just finished re-reading Petals on the Wind, people), and whatever else I can think up sometime when I have more than twenty minutes to update this site. I’m sorry I’ve been spending the past month being all PLEASE STAND BY, like a stupid test pattern.

If you’re still waiting for a book or another prize from the Make the Mackerel extravaganza, I haven’t forgotten you, and I’ll get them out by or before next week.

And thank you all for your impassioned commentary on gauchos. Against the advice of about 99% of you, I bought a pair of skirty black knit Loco Pantalones, which I plan to wear shamelessly.

Finally I’m going to be missing the America’s Next Top Model finale in order to give this talk tomorrow, and since I’ll be watching it on TiVo Thursday night, I’m going to impose a silly little ANTM media blackout for Thursday, during which time I will NOT read any reader comments in case somebody says, “Oh, I’m so glad ________* won!” and gives it away.

*That said, I think it’s gonna be Joanie. Don’t you? Though we love Danielle too and have this fantasy that she’s going to show up at judging speaking like Dame Judi Dench AND THEN THEY’LL HAVE TO GIVE IT TO HER.


  1. says

    I think it’s going to be Joanie too! Although I still wish Nnenna was there – I had pegged her to win from the beginning. I just really don’t want it to be Jade!

  2. says

    How funny, I have If There Be Thorns hidden in my desk drawer right now! My (male) next door neighbor has the entire VC Andrews library and I’ve been borrowing and rereading them.

  3. Lori says

    Is it true that the original VC Andrew died and a ghost writer wrote many of the later tomes? I remember hearing this back in the 80’s when it was acceptable to read VC Andrews and this question has plagued my entire adult life.

  4. Satya says

    I dunno, I have always found VC Andrews to be too creepy to be enjoyed. If I want a naughty read, I’d rather re-read the “Sleeping Beauty” trilogy by Anne Rice. All the sex with none of the incest.

  5. says

    I’m glad you’re having fun! I just bought and read the new book last night and it is just as fabulous and laugh provoking as the last one. Also the answer to Andrew’s question is on wikipedia.

  6. says

    Why oh WHY are you reading V.C. Andrews?!?! I’m horrified and shocked, and dying of laughter here.

  7. Christy says

    Holy crap, I thought I was the only one reliving my vile, vile little V.C. Andrews problem of my teens… I just found the first series (minus Seeds of Yesterday, which is just horribly distressing, but I’ll think about that later) in hardback for $1 each at a great little used bookstore down the street. It was the day before my birthday, too, so that was awesome. Oh, and to Lori, yeah, that’s true. She died in the middle of writing the second series (Heaven), so most of what has come out since then is V.C. Andrews(trademark), which sucks. You can tell when reading it, too.

  8. Nicci says

    Wow- I used to be obsessed with VC Andrews, too! I’m glad to hear someone in the literary world really likes them… I was always afraid it meant I was a little twisted. But they’re so much fun to read- I love ‘em!

  9. says

    I started reading the “Heaven” series when I was 13. I figured it was the only series with incest and it was just part of the story line…then I started reading other books of hers to discover they ALL had incest. What was her obsession with incest? Did she think it was interested to write the same thing over and over again? Obviously I stopped reading them.

  10. says

    I love VC Andrews, and just recently re-read “Flowers in the Attic” I lost my “Petals on the Wind” but that was always my favorite one of the series…so creepy! I thought I was alone in my weird love of those trashy smut filled books.

  11. Alexandria says

    Some of the VC Andrews weren’t that bad. I mean, I have read some of the series and the thing is..some of the books royally suck because of the fact that the storylines are so recycled, its annoying. Some of the books have nothing to do with incest, its just the fact that the new author of the books is an idiot. VC ANdrwws probably could of did better things with her books, but she died and there is now a author who has no clue. the way, Anne Rice writes about incest just as much as VC Andrews (or new author) does. Anyone read the Mayfair witches..TONS of incest there.