I am walking

Two weeks from Saturday I’ll be doing Walk for The Whisper, a benefit for ovarian cancer research and awareness. The “awareness” part, for me, happened when my mom was diagnosed this past fall. Now that winter and her chemo are over things are looking up, and now I feel like walking. It’s simple as that. Or maybe it’s not simple, but when it comes to stuff like this, everything is a total understatement.

My fundraising page is here. My goal is $700. Please help if you can. If you can donate more than $75 I’ll throw in one of my books, personalized.


  1. Wendy says

    $700? What the hell am I thinking? Is that too much? Nobody’s pledging anything. Should I accept PayPal?

    I’m starting to freak out now.

  2. Chris says

    Paypal is a guaranteed way of separating folks from their money exactly five minutes before buyer’s (or in this case, donator’s) remorse sets in. it could only help.

    I was seconds away from donating before I found out about the whole kicked-out-of-the-apartment thing. Sorry, well-meaning charity!

  3. Wendy says

    I believe the person who is walking for charity will be happy to work out an arrangement, sir.

    (And anyone out there know of a cool apartment in Lincoln Square that’s available in July?)

  4. says

    I’ll donate to your walk if you donate to mine…lol! I’m doing the Relay For Life (and I’ll spare you the long ass link to my little donation page). I, however, am not as ambitious as you and only set my goal for 100 smakaroos. I also don’t have a successful book and website, and generally have pretty poor friends (like me).

    Good luck!

  5. Shae says

    I have to wait until payday next Tuesday but count on me for another $25. If the sale of my houses closes next week on schedule I’ll up it.

  6. says

    $700 is a reasonable goal, and $75 is a good incentive for, as public radio/tv fundraisers call it, a “premium.” I’ll be placing my order shortly… ovarian cancer is scary scary scary, it just creeps up on you…

    Its been awhile since I’ve lived in Chicago — does Marty Robinson still do the Channel 11 fundraiser pledge week things? You’d be “Shut up and put Python on, its 11:15pm and I have to get up for school tomorrow already!” I remember a great 2nd city bit with Robinson being parodied, holding a gun to a Girl Scout’s head, and threatining to pull the trigger if people didn’t Subscribe To Channel 11. And then the trembling Girl Scout would hold up a box of Thin Mints and say “And I’ll throw in these cookies as a premium!”

  7. says

    I wish I had some extra $! I walked the breast cancer 3-day in 2004 and raised $2000. I know how hard it is! If my second mortgage goes through before your walk, I’ll be back.

    Good for you for walking and raising $$! Get some good socks!

  8. says

    Good for you, doing the walk! I just contributed $20. What an excellent cause. I wish you a beautiful day and no blisters! :)