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  1. Katie says

    Wendy, I know you probably get this all the time, but I’m currently reading your book “I’m Not the New Me’ for my choice of book in my english class. I know that sounds kind of funny that I’m reading it for my ENGLISH class, but I really find it interesting! You are so funny! (Even though I’m sure you have heard this a million times before.) I don’t usually read a lot, and your book has actually made me laugh out loud (instead of just inside my head). Seriously, you are so funny. I just randomly decided to look up your site to see if it was still going on and now that I see this, this is SO cool! I wonder how good it feels to be..well..famous. Well, you don’t have to write back if you don’t feel like it (don’t worry, I’m not expecting anything since you probably get a lot of these types of letters everyday) but I just found it neat to write into you. Thanks for your time! Katie.

  2. laura says

    I’m reading your book now and love it. I heard about your recipe cards, found them on line, and practically wet my pants from laughing so hard. My mom loved them too.

    I’m doing the WW thing, and it’s so great to laugh at how frickin hard it is to just eat less.


  3. says

    I love your writing but don’t get to read you at work because of my employer’s stupid filter. For some reason, your site gets blocked. The new (?) design is very nice.

  4. says

    As everyone else that floods into your guestbook, I’m reading your book! It’s hilarious. I’m awaiting the next one…hint hint! To tell the truth, I’d never known about it, if someone hadn’t referred “Tales From the Scale” to me. Thanks to, your book magically appeared with it. I’ve been having a blast as I weave my way through your VERY interesting life! Thanks for the great read!

  5. says

    You are my inspiration. (Just like the song in “Pillow Talk.”) It is because of you that I am a blogger.

    I have a new blog where people can send me lists of 5 things they hate. Stop by or send a list if you have time.

  6. says

    Wendy! I saw your book at a store here in Italy… I thought the name seemed familiar! I even almost bought it!

  7. says

    hey wendy…
    haha. it feels weird doing this, cuz i just read about the people who did write to you. anyway…my name is amy and i just finished reading your book. it was really good! i didnt want to read it at first (forced english assignment-sorry) but i got into it. it was really intresting. i loved every reading minute of it! i go to winslow high(the school thats constanly on the news)and im in 9th grade. i weigh about 155..on a good day. i want to start up on weightwatchers. i think the program would really work for me. thanks so much for..idk what you’re doing.

  8. Wendi with an "i" says

    Hi Wendy
    I wanted to tell you I enjoyed your book a lot; I kept laughing out loud. It was kind of weird, though, because we have almost the same name, are almost the same age (I’m 36), we live in almost the same place (I live in Kenosha, WI; work in Gurnee, IL), and I weigh almost the same as you did when you started the website. Reading about your life is like reading about my life in a parallel universe. Blog early, blog often!

  9. Laurabelle says

    Just popping by to say I heard you on the radio this morning! Not so much in the interview-y sense, of course, as you would probably be all over that, but you were WBEZ’s Member of the Moment (or whathaveyou) at 6:29AM. It’s like a spare birthday!

  10. Sarah says

    Hey Wendy… I guess that my comment did kind of have to do with what you were writing about on the 17th, but I just wanted to let you know that I just finished your book and my boyfriend was terrified when I would randomly just start laughing out loud while reading your book. It was so great and HILARIOUS! Thank you for it :) -Sar

  11. Cassie says

    Hi Wendy! I just stumbled upon your blog and love it – you really crack me up. I was surprised how much we have in common! I live in Oak Park now (moved from Lincoln Square) and went to University of Iowa. Keep up the great work!

  12. says

    A-ha! YOU are the hysterical person behind the Weight Watchers recipe cards! Just wanted to say hi, love your writing, I’ll be back!!

  13. Ann says

    Hey, Wendy, I’m posting here because this has nothing to do with any particular topic on your blog (but I will add my kudos for your book AND that I love to know you are a Brian Eno fan, I’ve been in love with him for about 20 years). Anyway… I have noticed something weird when I go onto your site. At the bottom of my screen where the little internet explorer “e” sits, when I put my cursor over it, I see weird comments. I have no idea where they come from, and they are not very nice! Today one said “she never lost that much weight anyway”. Another says “text messaging your cell phone and addressing you as girlfried”. Others have said things like “mindless fat girl chatter”. So, is there some hidden place on your site where people write about you behind your back? Is there some place on the internet that you know about where people are reviewing your site or something? It’s really annoying and mystifying at the same time. And, I wanted to let you know just in case you don’t. Do you see it too?

  14. Wendy says

    Ann, that’s my page title randomizer. I set it up so that it spits out nasty quotes I’ve collected from Amazon reader reviews of my book (and a couple of press reviews, too).

  15. says

    hi. im reading your book (well almost done it) ‘im not the new me’ and i really enjoy it. and now im sitting here, looking at the site that ive been reading about.
    its fucking amazing.

    i cant wait to finish the book up and read it again.


  16. says

    Hey there (yes, a Southern reader!)

    Just wanted to say that I loved the book, and have been gobbling up your website archives. It’s all thought-provoking and/or amusing, but I must admit that when I hit the line “drunk-dialed by a Fraggle” I completely lost any self-control and was gasping and whooping and making unattractive snorty noises.
    Anyway, you have definitely made the pantheon of “Sites I Visit Too Damn Much When I Should Be Getting Stuff Done.”
    I know you’re thrilled.

  17. Jessica says

    Hi Wendy,
    Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying reading your book. I’ve almost finished. I can relate a lot maybe even too much. Just took a look at the website tonight. I’m so glad it’s here. Hope to “chat” soon!

  18. Eilene McCullagh says

    Gosh and Golly…so…are you the same Wendy I spent most of grade school and high school sitting behind because of the wonders of alphabetization?

    I had someone recommend your book to me…checked out the site…and had a head scratch moment when looking at your bio…”That name sounds really familiar…hmmmm…a-ha, “A” period!!”

    I’m still in Oak Park. (God somebody let me out already!!)

  19. Kelley says

    All right, so I stumbled upon the collection of Weight Watchers cards on candyboots completely by accident, and fell in love with the commentary. My mom is on Weight Watchers now, and I showed her a few of the better ones (the Snappy Mackerel and the Rosy Perfection) that had had me falling off the couch laughing. It’s good to hear someone that can laugh at stuff like that and my friends and I have fallen in love with your opinions and personality. :) I hope to get a hold of your book!


  20. Jo says

    Hi Wendy – Loving INTNM! Thanks! The WW cards are great – its good to laugh again! No Slender Quenchers here – pass the damn tequila!

  21. just say no says

    Thanks for your work, Wendy.

    I’m a newish fan. Got the Mackerel Pudding Plan for a gift last fall, and pee myself everytime I read it. So, of course, I had to get your other book, and then, look up your website, etc. I’m getting a lot out of this new work-avoidance pastime I’ve discovered; “this thing you’re doing” is pretty inspirational, as I too, am a Weight Watcher’s refugee. If you think the meetings in Chigaco were a trial, you should sit through one in Utah. You’d stab your own eyes out. Seriously, you have to hear commentary like, “what’s ‘ricotta cheese’? Has anyone tried it? Is it good?” Anyway, you know how it the ads it usually says in tiny letters “results not typical,”? Well, after five tries at WW, these results are pretty typical. I’m trying to just eat like a reasonable person, exercise more, and pay attention to why I overeat when I do. I, too, am looking forward to riding my bike around this year. We have beautiful bike routes in SLC. Anyway, thanks again. Checking into your website periodically makes me laugh and keeps me motivated.


  22. says

    Man, I laugh my ass of at your site.
    I had a Dove chocolate bunny this past Easter as well. Even with the flu, I took Gravol so I would be able to eat chocolate. How fucked is that? Oh, I recently quit Weight Watchers for the FOURTH time in my life. I was getting sick of Ruth asking “What happened this week?” when the numbers were going up not down. Instead I spent my money joining a Belly Dancing class. Hey, it’s about the jiggle right?

    Thanks for making me smile- Loved your book too!

  23. says

    Hi Wendy,
    I don’t know if you ever read these anymore but I wanted to say that your book INTNM takes the words right out of my mouth and my head. You say things that I wish I could have formed into words.
    Thanks again,

  24. Sarah Q. says

    I just recently finished your book, it was quite honestly one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever read! I am only fourteen and I know what it’s like to face the myriad of creepy Weight-Watchers ladies with the vulture-esque stares you receive when you *gasp* don’t lose any wieght: or even *double gasp* gain weight. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your book made me feel like I had a buddy who knew EXACTLY what I have gone through. (It’s not exactly easy going to school with a bunch of self-obsessed and air-headed skinny bitches. I requested to be your fray-end on Myspace. I’m sure you get a ton of them but I wanted to give you a heads-up… and I PROMISE I’m not some creepy Myspace person. (Isn’t it a shame we live in a world in which someone can be a creepy *insert web-site here* person? But eh, that’s all that keeps Dateline going. O.k. I’m rambling.

  25. says

    Kudos to one of the funniest women to ever have anything to do with a diet. I can’t believe I just now read your blog. I’ve laughed until I have a sore stomach. Poundy is better than an Ab Lounger!

    Looking forward to reading your book –


  26. Karen M. says

    Hello !

    I am currently reading, I Am Not The New Me, and I love it. I have trouble putting it down, but of course had to come and read your website. I can’t wait until you come out with another book as well. I belong to another site that I just posted a small review on, if you want to read it, here is the link:

    Anyways, my best to you. Thanks for the great book !

  27. says

    Boy, am I glad I read that little warning blurb at the end of your latest post before hitting “send” with some gushing comments about how much I love your blog! But that’s what I came here to say. Keep it up!

  28. says

    Ok, so, I picked up your book at a hippie store in Great Barrington, MA, and I have to say that it’s definitely among my favorite reads as of late. I’m going through a lot of what you wrote about, so it was just a lot of fun and kind of reassuring. I wish you the best in your writing future and life!


  29. says

    oh, crap.

    i tried to leave this as a comment to your latest entry, but the internet broke and it didn’t go through, i don’t think, and it wouldn’t let me resubmit. then i figured that since half of this comment *is* about just wanting to say hi, i thought i would leave this here instead. probably, what will happen is that it will show up both places and then i will seem extracrazy. yay!

    so anyway:

    the bunny hutch! is that the place with the amazing, crazily old commercial that’s all like “NOVELTY GOLF!!!! NOVELTY GAMES!!!!”, that i cannot help but sing along to every single time it comes on? i sure hope so. i haven’t been there yet but i keep meaning to go. i’ve lived in chicago for almost a year and i feel like i’m not making good enough progress on these very important goals.

    also, unrelatedly: i have been reading your blog for a couple of years, and i never thought about the fact that you lived in chicago until a few months after i moved here–you’d posted something about the francisco el stop and i was like, “whoa. she probably lives within a couple of miles of me!” because i live about a half mile from there and that’s my stop, too, on the rare occasion i actually take the train.

    and then i felt like a stalker when i started thinking, “wow, i wonder where she lives!!!! maybe we could be FRIENDS one day!!!!” friends, with four exclamaion points.

    i’m sorry.

  30. says

    Jumped over here from EA.

    I saw that you 1. work in children’s publishing and 2. live in ChiTown area (me too) and thought, I bet she works for A W.

    And then I read some more of your blog and saw that you do. I’m a freaking genius.

    Anyway, I like the blog. Especially the swears. There aren’t enough of us in kid’s lit that have truly awful potty mouths. (Most are my friends.)

    Altho’ I’m forced to keep my blog somewhat clean in case a kid/reader finds it one day when I’m rich and famous and monkeys are flying out of my butt.

    OTOH, my 2 year old has said, “shit” a few times. And my 4 yr old dropped the F-bomb once. Or twice.

    My 9 yr old is in prison.

    Oh…I LOVE the recipe cards! “Enjoy it with the ashes of a loved one.” Hahahaha!

    Keep up the funny.


  31. says

    Love your sarcasm, your writing and the fact you publish children’s books with your potty mouth. The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan always makes me feel better on days when I want to choke a motherfucker. You can’t read it without laughing at some point. I’ve even bought it for friends. That Marcy. She must be single with cooking skills like that.
    Anyways, I’ve started a new project on my new blog and well, I’ve linked to your website and your Amazing Mackerel Pudding book because you were part of the inspiration behind my project. But who the crap knows whether it sent the trackback to you or not (I’m new at this), so I just wanted you to know about it and invite you to follow along if so inclined.
    P.S.- I REALLY hope you finish your project about vintage children’s books. Do you need help? I can only imagine how much fun that would be. I have a nine-month-old who enjoys it when I read the Mackerel Pudding Plan book to him, so I’m sure he would enjoy this as well.

  32. EraroaccenGed says


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  33. Liz says

    Saw on twitter you’re having sinus issues. This may help, if you’re willing to try something out of the ordinary.

    I’ve recommended it to my clients and friends (one of whom was having an allergy attack that she wanted me to take her to the emergency room for, but cleared up immediately when I brought her one of these) It looks wierd, I know, but keep an open mind and it just may change your life if sinus problems are a regular part of it.

    Two things, use lukewarm water, it’s easier on the tissue, and use natural, not iodized salt. Whole Foods carries the neti pots and the salt in bulk, so one trip there and you’re set.

  34. Tina Seymore says

    Hey woman!
    Found your 1st book at a yard sale this past weekend , what a find. Thought I would look you up and see what you have been up to since 05.I see your doing the veggie thingy. me too, raw in fact well for the first 25lbs in 5 weeks. You think WW recipes are goofy holy crap look up some raw crap concoctions people come up with. Congrats on your 2nd book and good luck with the one your working on now. Glad to see you are doing well. I’m still at 210 but would like to get down to 150 by the time I turn 50 in Jan 2010. I am up to walking 7 miles 5 days a week and thats 2 hours of much needed beauty rest I am missing out on. Nice to have kinda sorta met you and thanks for the boost of laughter. Be well ,Tina