Holiday Photo Spectacular (because I have no time to write an entry)

Maybe you thought your weekend was hot shit, but you weren’t riding the CTA Santa Train when it totally derailed. (Again!) And you probably didn’t build a Gingerbread Currency Exchange either. Then again, you might have actually gotten all your shopping done and your presents wrapped and all your cards finished. And you might actually have time to do things like post to your weblog, and make thoughtful crafts. and participate in the liberal conspiracy against Christmas, because you weren’t out fucking around. Good for you!

(More later if I have the, um, time.)


  1. says

    I live fairly close to Niagara Falls, so I see hundreds of currency exchange booths on a regular basis. I have to say… that’s the first one I’ve ever seen that looks tasty.

  2. says

    What says the Christmas spirit more than a ginger bread currency exchange? I think you should add “cervesa fria” in blinking neon yellow frosting on the door (I believe they sell this at the Carniceria Jimenez).

  3. says

    That’s way better than that ‘Christmas Around the World Gingerbread’ house! I was thinking about doing a tribute to New Orleans with a gingerbread bordello…oh wait, I think that was one of the finalists…

  4. says

    I wonder if you could buy a gingerbread cta day pass at the gingerbread currency exchange in order to ride the santa train, or does the cta no longer accept gingerbread just like they’re not taking coins anymore? Bastards – they’re the one’s really taking christ out of christmas, kah out of hanukah, and the kwan out of kwanza. Oh wait, you mean there are more holidays at this time of year than christmas, making the phrase ‘happy holidays’ a valid one? No way…

  5. Beth says

    It looks just like the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel. Do people go in there to cash checks and NEVER COME OUT?????