A little housekeeping…

An update, in case any of you still have a feed to this blog (do folks use feed readers anymore?) or follow it on Goodreads:

Though I haven’t updated the blog here, I’ve been posting fairly regularly elsewhere. You can find me on:

1.) My Tumblr, where I post photos, links, and occasional blog entries.

2.) My family history blog, the outlet for my current obsession.

3.) The Facebook Page for The Wilder Life, where I keep up with that other obsession.

Other news:

The third and final book in the Wanderville series came out this past summer in hardcover.

I am still editing books at Whitman, and I will sometimes brag about them on my Twitter.

I quietly called it quits on my BUST pop culture column about a year ago. Twelve years was a good run. The Pop Tart page is now a guest columnist space, and it feels good to see all the new and awesome and diverse voices appearing there in the past few issues.

I turn 45 tomorrow! Jesus.

I’m going to take down the link to this blog from wendymcclure.net, but I’ll see you around.