Things I've learned after a week of very conscientiously counting POINTS™

1.) There are sixteen pieces of candy corn in an ounce of candy corn. One piece of candy corn is 0.125 POINTS™.
2.) At least twenty minutes out of my workday were devoted to the pursuit of that knowledge.
3.) The journal feature at Weight Watchers Online has tidy little fields where you can record your POINTS™ for your Morning Meal and your Midday Meal and your Evening Meal and your Exercise, but they really could stand to have a separate field for Alcoholic Beverages.
4.) Unless I’m supposed to call a vodka tonic a “snack,” that is.
5.) It’s a nice enough feeling to complete a whole day on your POINTS™ journal, to have filled in all the blank fields, and clicked on all the cute little glass-of-water and serving-of-fruit-or-vegetable icons, and tallied everything up, and ALL THAT, but I keep wishing something else would happen after that. Like when you’d clear two screens in Ms. Pac-Man and get to see a little cartoon.
6.) Yeah, you know what would be cool? A Missy Elliot video. Have “Gossip Folks” pop right up after you click on save. Do they even have a video for that? WW would probably have to edit out that “I heard Missy eat one cracker a day” line because, well, that’s not the sort of attitude they approve of, is it?
7.) Some of this was written under the influence of “snacks,” so I apologize in advance.