Lame-ass checks in

This photo and caption made me laugh and laugh this morning. I really should try to meet the guy who does this Big Happy Funhouse site, whoever the hell he is.

It’s been quiet here this week, and it’s going to be like this for awhile longer, I think, since I have a big deadline next month that I’ve been working towards even as summer rages. I’d go on hiatus but I keep hoping Bootsy will provide all kinds of highly amusing freshwater fish anecdotes. So far I’ve got “Bootsy Continues To Live” and that’s about it.

He has a bigger tank and specially treated water now. I tried to get him a filter but I think it’s too big for the tank, because when I plugged it in he started to swim differently and with a certain grim determination, like a child sitcom star. I thought, lighten up, fish, but then it occurred to me that maybe the filter was too strong, and when I dropped in some food pellets and they stuck to the filter tube, I realized I had to turn the thing off. Bootsy wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. Now I change the water once a week and Bootsy lives.