Hello out there!

Are you freaking out at the new design? Is anyone on Netscape 4.X and freaking out because there’s NO design? Yeah. Sorry. I tried everything I could, and in the end just decided to override the CSS for that browser version. Whenever I checked out the design in it, Netscape 4.7 would act like a crazed horse and kick the page elements all over the place with its big, stupid, buggy hooves. So I posted the plea below. Big old thanks to Paul for responding and showing me a cool import trick that essentially shoots a big tranquilzer dart into Netscape 4.X and puts an end to its CSS-trampling ways. The alternative was having the browser show an unreadable page with overlapping blocks.

As you’ll see, I don’t have the photos and FAQ and other pages redesigned yet. That’ll happen in a couple weeks–I’ve got too many other things going on right now. I know you some of you will miss Glenda. She won’t go away completely. I’ll stick her on some more t-shirts or something. Or make a tribute page to her.