I’m working on redesigning the site using some of the CSS stuff that I’ve picked up from reading some online tutorials, studying code on other sites, and from tweaking my own Blogger template. I’ve been playing around with div elements and a couple days ago I came up with a layout I really like.

Now here’s the problem: it looks like hell in Netscape. Yeah. Apparently, Netscape 4.X takes “CSS” and reads it as “ASS.” Apparently this is no secret, since I found tons of pages on Google that address Netscape CSS issues. The problem is that most of them are written for people who are web designers and are fluent in code and not for people with a half-assed knowledge of this stuff.

Today I managed to figure out that Netscape won’t render div elements with percentage properties for positioning, and while I’ve managed to fix a couple of things, now it seems that my test page actually crashes Netscape when I try to resize the page. And I know there’s a Javascript fix for that but I don’t know whether or not I installed it… you know, in the right… place in the… code… thingy. It’s driving me freaking nuts.

So I need help. From you. Those among you who are reading and who actually know what the fuck I am talking about and are probably cracking your shit up at my attempt to even put into words what is happening. I know what I must sound like to you. I know because I have worked with people who know even less about technology than I do and who’ve stomped into my office saying things like, “Do we have Adobe on our terminals?! Because I just clicked on a web site that is saying it’s going to download the Adobe onto MY platform terminal or else it won’t let me read the page and well, that just sounds fishy to me!” Which, of course, is their own very special way of asking me to help them open a PDF file. So I understand. But damn, it’s frustrating to be on the other end here. So if you are good at this stuff: please. Email me. Don’t go thinking that someone else, out of all my readers, is going to lend a hand. For your trouble you’ll get a peek at the new design and, if you can solve the problem(s), you’ll get a ton of credit and sloppy wet thanks and maybe presents or something. Yeah. Bring it on. I mean, pretty please. Thanks.