Tonight I got an email from Wendy Shanker, who is a comedy performer and writer and whose byline I’ve been coming across for a few years now–most recently Grace magazine, where she has a regular column. She wrote to say that she likes Pound and that often people think she and I are the same person. And sure enough, when I did a search, I see there’s been some recent confusion. Wow. Weird!

But I can see how we might have gotten mixed up: not only do we write about a lot of the same stuff like fat suits and body image, but she’s also contributed to BUST (a lot more than I have); moreover she’s written for a pop culture review website just as I do sometimes. So it’s pretty funny, and we’re both flattered, and since I’m the one with the weblog/journal site I feel it’s my duty to tell you that I am not Wendy Shanker and Wendy Shanker is not me. Two Wendys, no waiting! Thank you.