Now I can finally mention it

Because it was in Publisher’s Weekly this week:

Megan Lynch at Riverhead has acquired world rights to Wendy McClure‘s new book, The Wilder Life, via Erin Hosier at Dunow, Carlson and Lerner. This humorous first-person narrative exploration of the life and work of Laura Ingalls Wilder retraces her real and fictional pioneer journeys, while also reporting on the phenomenon of Wilder’s contemporary fandom. Riverhead published New York Times Magazine contributor McClure’s I’m Not the New Me in 2005, and will publish the new book in 2010.

This is all to explain what I’ve been up to the past couple months (writing, thinking, proposal-writing, and selling), and what I’ll be doing for the next year (writing, writing, traveling, writing, churning butter, writing).  You might have guessed from my most recent BUST column that I’ve had Little House on the brain, and I decided to do something about it.

I’ll say more about this when I get a chance, but I have to go grind some wheat flour now. Happy Friday!


  1. anne says

    CONGRATS, lady! WOOOOO! Will there be some kind of food-themed launch party for this one, too? I’m thinkin some corn mush and moonshine!

  2. says

    Can’t wait for it! Growing up in Kansas, my mother bought me a lot of her books, so I have fond memories of those stories. However, I love your sense of humor, so I’m sure it will be fantastic fun to read your spin! Good luck with the writing!

  3. says

    Congrats! I read all of the books as a kid (and wondered, for longer than was probably reasonable about how I would get by in life without knowing how to churn butter) and I was *just* thinking that I should reread the daggone things. Perhaps I’ll do so as a lead-up to your book’s release. I can’t wait!

  4. says

    Lady CONGRATS! I’m a huge fan of Little Half Pint on Twitter — and I’m at Riverhead too, they are lovely and wonderful and the best — whoo hoo! Sweets for the sweet. ;)

  5. says

    Wow, that’s really awesome. I’ve been wanting to re-read those books (as I haven’t since I was around 12), and this sounds like a fantastic supplement.

  6. Corrie says

    I enjoyed I’m Not the New Me so I hope to read your new book. I’m a geek about writers (even being a tour guide at two writer’s homes). Sounds great!

  7. shiman says

    Congratulations, this is so kickass! One of your earlier posts (here? Twitter?) got me curious to read the Little House books…I had never read them as a kid. And they were so good. I cannot wait to read your writings!

  8. says

    What an amazing idea for a book. If you decide you want to make the whole trousseau that Laura made for her wedding, though, you may need to check into an insane asylum.

  9. april says

    Oh wow, you are one of my favorite writers and I am rabidly enthusiastic about this topic- great idea, sure to be a great book. Congratulations! Jealousy is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

    ps. I was so sad last summer when the leg of my roadtrip where I got to go to Missouri and see Pa’s fiddle got canceled. Pa’s fiddle!

  10. says

    What a relief. Just last week, I was wishing the lady who introduced us all to Caucasian Shashlik would tackle the Ingalls Mystique.

    Well played.

  11. says

    Congratulations! The book sounds cool (said she profoundly).

    I read and liked all the books as a child, though they aren’t nearly so much of a phenomenon in the UK (though the TV adaptation was popular, I think. It was before my time).

    Farmer Boy was always my favourite, though now I can’t really define why.

  12. Laura in L.A. says

    Oh, Wendy. You inspired me to re-read my whole “Little House” set! I even replaced some of the rattier paperbacks with new copies, because you also told us to buy books. :):)

    I will be so excited to read your new book–I know it will be terrific!

    Love, Laura

  13. Katie in Texas says

    Please tell me that there’s a chapter devoted to “good brown smell!” I’m a Little House FREAK and I’m so excited!

  14. rainbowthespian says

    OMG good brown smell. That is hilarious.

    My sister used to get her kids to eat things phrasing things like they did… Something about “good broth” with their beans…

    I just posted on LJ but I wanted to say, hey! I’m Wendy too!

    I will definitely be watching!

  15. says

    Oh my god. Write the book TODAY, and overnight the manuscript to me tomorrow. I cannot wait until 2010.

    I named my little sister after Laura Ingalls. I found your blog after reading your book which I thought was great. I really, really can’t wait to read the next one. That’s the best book idea I’ve heard all year! Sure, it’s early yet, but I am ready to declare it the winner.

  16. says

    This is awesome news. I’m going to eagerly anticpate your new book. I’m LIW-obsessed myself (not a surprise, probably, considering my name, and the fact people get it confused with Ingalls all the time).

    Best wishes on the rest of the writing and publishing process!

  17. Vanessa says

    So very cool!! I can’t wait to read it. What a great idea for a book. Good luck writing, researching, travelling and churning butter.!