Please Stand By

Busy writing stuff for money.  Will return to writing stuff for love and comments very soon.


  1. says

    Dear Wendy, I am holding you responsible for my unfinished history papers and misc. homework that I have ignored while catching up on your blog. However, I would have ignored the homework anyway so you need to get back to diary-ing/blogging so I have a legitimate excuse for not doing my work.
    Longtime reader, first time commentor.

  2. Kristy says

    At least you left us with a funny post while you went off to gather filthy lucre.

    I’ve reread the Crazy Pants and Wrongy Lady posts and your commenters funny gym experiences several times.

    (And I laugh every time.)

    Cash your checks and hurry back to us!

    P.S. Have you read Haven Kimmel’s _A Girl Named Zippy_ and/or its sequel? You should. (After you post something new…)

  3. Margaret says

    Adding to the Zippy love — I adored it and have bought copies for several friends. Wasn’t willing to lend out my copy! Liked the sequel also.

  4. Betty says

    Just finished your book “I’m not the new me” today! Hilarious! Thanks for writing what the rest of us are experiencing! I had to check out your website to see if it was real. It is wonderful! Do you get much mail from the Northwest? I have a website that I’m webmaster for but it is for the gem club in Boise.