Last night we watched movies and drank champagne on the couch, and for a few minutes around midnight we switched to live TV to see Carson Daly start the countdown (and does he have a tapeworm? We really wonder). Then we went to the front windows and watched for fireworks above the trees, and sure enough they bloomed up in two or three places around the neighborhood.

Today we went to brunch at Andrew and Cinnamon’s place and tonight I made Hoppin John for dinner. Oh, and we threw out the Francisco Stop. I lifted off the platform and then we shoveled the rest of it into a garbage bag and then Chris stomped on it a few times, and yes, it sounded as excellent as you might imagine. It was the next best thing to using tiny explosives to destroy it.

Where do I start? A year ago we weren’t in this apartment yet and I was worrying about different deadlines than I am now. Our lives didn’t look like this yet. It’s as simple as that, I guess.