Aw, you guys.

You’ve kept donating. And now we’ve raised nearly a thousand dollars. I am speechless. Does someone want to pledge an early Saturday morning wakeup call so I can get out to Naperville in time next week? I think your money would still go to the cause if I overslept, but as a matter of principle, I would like to, you know, walk the walk.

I have so many things to plan right now it’s making me twitch. And yet I’m compelled to babble about the following:

America’s Next Top Model: Clearly Jade is some kind of emotional Rasputin, able to withstand repeated attempts to kill her gargantuan ego week after week. I am starting to admire that. Also, I hope Danielle’s new teeth don’t change her accent. Also, Sara is tall and needs to be reunited with her own kind, pre-law majors. And Furonda is skinnininninny.

I keep reading all this stuff and thinking: why do we want seventeen-year olds to publish bestselling novels anyway? Why can’t we just amuse ourselves by training dogs to say “Ri rove roo” and leave the kids alone? (I have a way longer rant against the notion that anyone younger than twenty should be published, but it’s for another time.)

Tomorrow is Chris’s birthday and I bought us tickets to see the Comedians of Comedy show tomorrow night. I think it’ll be fun, considering the last time he was at a comedy show on his birthday he had a few drinks and hit on one of the performers, and they totally wound up dating the whole next year. And then some.


  1. says

    ooooo – that’s so cool! I recently saw their special and laughed my ass off.

    if you ever see a photo of Brian Posehn from his youth, you will not believe it.

  2. says

    Walter Farley wrote _The Black Stallion_ in high school, but I’m not sure when it was actually published… An exception to the rule, perhaps.

  3. Chris says

    I’m still a little surprised that N-n-nneneh got cut before Sara, but I think I figured out why this morning, while running to be late for my train.

    Nneneh and Jade are best friends now. I think chonking Nneneh was yet another attempt to kill Jade’s inner Rasputin…we’re now at the point in the story where, if this were a violence-heavy gangster movie, the opposing gang would be trying to usurp the crime boss currently in power by killing off members of his family! Don Rico Vico, of course, remains (like Jade) stoic and square-jawed in the face of it all.

    Not that any of this actually matters. I mean, Joanie’s going to win anyway. She has to – look how much money they put into her teeth!

  4. says

    I totally misread the last paragraph and dropped the “on” after the word “hit”. I had to re-read it twice to find out why Chris would end up dating someone he punched out whilst drunk.