As of today, I am old enough…

to run for president.

I know, that’s not nearly as exciting as getting to drink legally.  Oh, well.


  1. says

    You share a birthday with Adam Clayton,
    L. Ron Hubbard and Neil Sedaka. I just cannot figure out who is the coolest name on the cake. Go ahead,L. Ron honey, blow out all your candles!

  2. Becca says

    Happy birthday!
    Drinking illegally was always more exciting than drinking legally, anyway, so it’s not like that birthday should really be more exciting. Wendy for president!

  3. says

    Happy Birthday from a new reader!

    You have the same birthday as Herbie the Love Bug. Just one of those weird random tidbits.

  4. Vanessa says

    Congratulations! I’d be able to run myself in a few months except for that other rule about only ‘natural born citizens’. Oh well. I’ll vote for you if you run (oh wait, I can’t do that either). Okay, nevermind. Just have a great day!!

  5. says

    Happy birthday, Wendy! Do something fun! And after that, get your baseline mammogram, which is recommended at age 35. :P

  6. says

    Yeah, whoa. Happy (belated) Birthday, Wendy!

    And about that running for prez thing: why the hell not? Chris could be yer Karl Rove. You got two votes here. Plus, I — ahem — know people who know people, ya know.

  7. Kari says

    I’ll be 35 in August, I still think I’m wrong about that, surely it’s only 25, but no, the math holds up…dammit. Still we’re damn fun women right? Right! So Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  8. says

    Hey Wendy,

    Happy (belated) Birthday! Not sure if you remember me? Bif, blonde gal – we had Ethiopian food while you were in Boston.

    Just FYI – you share a birthday with neice Litah, who’s the coolest 8 yr old on the planet. Also, if you wait one more year, I can be your running mate. :)

    Hope all is good with you!


  9. says

    happy (belated) birthday!

    in the UK you can be prime minister after the age of 21, but I must be too young for SOMETHING…? xx

  10. says

    Happy Birthday (belated)! I was busy celebrating my oldest daughter’s b-day, or I’d have been ’round sooner. she isn’t your age, but I’m feeling old enough, any way!