Long live all that Venus/Mars stuff

I’ve mentioned Chris a couple of times here recently, and in the comments for my last entry someone speculated that before long I’d have “something sparkly on my left hand.”

Chris told me the first thing he thought when he read the comment. “A sparkly glove?” he wondered. “Like Michael Jackson?”

This is why we’re together, you know.


  1. says

    I read forever ago and recently remembered that you kick ass – my BFF and I used to be hugely impressed that you most likely lived in her same neighborhood and we always hoped to run into you at Jewel.
    But now I live in Arizona and she’s in Ukrainian Village, so the whole stalking threat is most likely over.
    Plus if either of us had actually run into you, we both would have been a little sheepish and speechless in awe of the celebrity that we gave you.
    Anyway, it’s good to know you’re still writing Poundy and you’re happy!

  2. says

    What if Chris gives you an engagement ring, but it DOESN’T have a huge diamond on it? I would say you have to dump him, for your readers’ sake. I will not be satisfied until you have at least 3 carats, Wendy. Hopefully quitting Diet Coke will be the key to that happening.

  3. says

    That would be so awesome if he really did get you a MJ glove!!! You would be required to learn the moonwalk for your reception, though.

  4. Wendy says

    I ought to point out that it’ll be awhile before we get into any kind of major left-hand-bedazzling.

  5. Kim says

    Who cares about the bedazzling when you got that?! We should all be so lucky :) I read your book which led me to your site and my first posting ever! Thanks for putting it all out there!

  6. Tanya says

    Though if/when you ever get to that point. He should absolutely propose with an MJ sparkly glove. Would be very cute.

  7. says

    Then you can head down the aisle in full Michael Jackson regalia (including hat and waistcoat/military jacket, with an ape as your ringbearer or something), and he can go in Lisa Marie Presley garb…

    Sorry, a tangent like that can keep me occupied for far too long.

  8. says

    that is the most super-adorable thing he could have said.

    you make a swell couple – I was so happy to be able to spend NYE with y’all :-)

  9. says

    Isn’t it inevitable that, if you’re with someone for more than three hours, there are people who will go ahead and marry you off? And, if you do marry, they won’t let you consummate the union without wishing kids on you? (That happened to me — first public dinner as a married couple.)

    Also, insert obligatory-why-is-marriage-the-be-all-end-all-yada-yada message, especially because I’m looking down the barrel of 10 years this June.

    All that B.S. aside, I’m so happy for you that you’re with such a great person! If he ever does pop the question, I do think the ring (or at least, the box) should consist of, or be covered with, spangled spandex. That would just kick ass.

  10. Julia says

    I somehow circumvented this problem by becoming engaged to Mr. Julia about ten seconds after we met.

    However, even though I am a total convert to the whole matrimony cult, I still think it’s weird and kind of 1950s-high-school-sorority-like to speculate about other people’s relationships and engagements.

    True story: My mother was in a high school quasi-sorority called Ye Gay Girls. I have her ring, but unfortunately it only says “YGG” on it.

  11. Wendy says

    Okay, so I am not approving any more comments suggesting ways to bring the spirit of King of Pop to my possible future marriage proposal. Enough, I say! This is a private hypothetical moment here! Thank you!

  12. Jane says

    I’m surprised that you don’t want to entertain King of Pop themes for your wedding. I mean, who doesn’t want a pedophile-themed celebration? The priest could moon-walk, you could set the best man’s hair on fire, the alter boys could get drunk on Jesus juice, the ring-bearer could look terrified……..

    The possibilities are endless. But hey, it’s your make believe, non-wedding. Have it your way.

  13. says

    “Okay, so I am not approving any more comments suggesting ways to bring the spirit of King of Pop to my possible future marriage proposal.”

    So, did you ever think you would write that sentence in your life, whether on your blog or elsewhere? I’m just sayin': people are weird!

  14. says

    Totally random comment…

    I saw on your myspace that you like the Exploding Hearts. I’m from Portland and didn’t know that people outside of here knew about them. Sad story, great music.

    You are way rad!

  15. says

    When I was 11, there was a group of girls at school who were always discussing their ideal weddings…my friend turned to me and said, “like THAT’S the pinnacle of my aspirations”. she later went to Cambridge University…

  16. Lisa says

    About 5 years ago, I told my boyfriend what I wanted for Christmas was “shiny, sparkly, silver, and fit on my hand.” I got a PalmPilot. I was bitter. Actually, I would have liked a MJ glove.

  17. says

    holy. shit.
    it is absolutely required that you marry chris. anyone who equates “sparkly” and “hand” to michael jackson is a one-in-a-million sparkling glove in his own right.

    and yeah; bit creepy for someone to suggest in the first place, but we all know each other so very well on the fricking internet. oy.