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Added some awesome new crappy-review quotes to the the list of randomly generated index page titles, courtesy of DeeDee “M.” of Bentonville, AR, whose comments will be taken to heart, and whose last initial will never be taken too literally. Thanks, DeeDee!

I appreciate the time that some folks take (and never get back) writing reviews like this, so why should their efforts be left to languish on the Amazon page for my suck-ass book?


  1. says

    In response I’d have to ask DeeDee what qualifications makes one a “critic?” Apparently, for some people, just being able to throw a bunch of words together and post them on Amazon.com. As DeeDee has shown, spelling (What exactly is “absorbsion?”) and proper punctuation (Spaces after your periods and commas!) certainly don’t have anything to do with it.

    I’m glad you have such a great sense of humor about these. I have a blog I don’t link to anywhere where I just write reviews of books I’ve read so I can remember what they were about years from now. But I guess authors like to google themselves (and you can’t hide from google!) so at least 3 authors have commented on my entries. The first two were nice, but the third one was an asshole. But he also used to be a tax collector, so what do you expect?

  2. Spaced Cowgirl says

    This has got to be my favorite, from another review:
    “I used to be fat and I remember how it felt and, yes, I was even called fat by some guy walking past my parents’ house, but I still don’t find Wendy’s humor humorous.” Oh, so I guess you’re qualified to comment, then… Wait, huh? For some reason I find this comment really amusing and bewildering. Maybe it’s the specificity of how the guy was “walking past [her] parents’ house” when this occurred, like that somehow adds emphasis and weight to her comments. Oh, he was even walking past your parents’ house? Wow, you have not really been fat until you’ve been called fat by a guy walking past your parents’ house! And even AFTER THIS HAPPENED you don’t find Wendy’s “humor humorous”? Now THAT I will have to take into account! Anyway.
    I also notice that DeeDee “M.”‘s hometown is the same as that of Wal-Mart. I’m sure that has nothing to do with anything, but it is.

  3. Julianne says

    I wish I could bring myself to respond to “Dee Dee M.’s” review with something insightful, but I can’t. All that springs to mind is: “Wow. What a fucking moron.”

  4. says

    Have been reading your blog off and on for several months, as well as your column in Bust, and I just wanted to say that I really dig your sarcastic humor. I wish more women would quit be so fucking demure, and get a little bite — it’s refreshing (as is liberal use of the ‘f’ word)! If there’s anything I cannot stand it’s someone being called a “not very nice person” because she happens to be a women and sardonic. What a boring argument. Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing — there are those of us who actually get it (and like it).
    — another wendy in chicago

  5. sassypants says

    DeeDee has one of the WORSE grasps of spelling that I have seen in a while. God bless America. Or maybe just Arkansas.

  6. cara u says

    Dee Dee should either light the fuse or change the batteries in whatever is lodged up her ass. Was she forced to read the entire book? Did a pack of commie homo terrorists aim their guns at a bag of kittens and threaten to fire if she didn’t read it cover to cover? Because that’s what happened to me this weekend. God bless the commie homo terrorists.