oh, DUH

The panel is NEXT week. Not tonight. I am stupid. And busy.

But I live stupidly close to Sulzer Library, so I’ll walk by there anyway, just to relieve my guilt. If you don’t read this in time and show up anyway we can browse the paperbacks together and do catalog searches for titles with dirty words. It’ll rock!

Hello from hiatusville

Pulling myself out from this little online hiatus is to some extent a matter of digging myself out from under a couple hundred backlogged manuscripts at work (including YOURS, probably, but don’t ask), but I’m getting to the point where my office is normal office colors again and not caste in a queasy yellow-beige light from so many manila envelopes. I seem to be making some progress.

If you’re in Chicago, you might wanna hit Sulzer library Monday night to see me at this thing. More later…

Oh my, it's July


I guess I’ve been taking a midsummer hiatus here while I recover from the California trip and get ready for my trip to Durham this weekend. Even though I’m not there yet I’m going to be on North Carolina Public Radio today at 11:00 Central time to speak philosophically about my own fat ass and the fat-assery of the nation as a whole. And then on Friday, I’ll be reading at the Regulator Bookshop in Durham for my last captial-O Official scheduled reading for this tour. There will likely be some other local events (including a panel in a couple of weeks), and I wish I could have hit DC, Minneapolis, Pennsylvania and other cities, but for now, I need a break from flying. The only kind of travelling I want to do after this weekend is of the goofy summer road-trip variety: Dickeyville Grotto or bust!

Expect a wrap-up of the whole damn tour thing sometime after I get back. (Emphasis on the “sometime.”)